I’ve always viewed BYU’s independence as a stepping stone to getting into a better league than where they were in the Mountain West. More short-term, less long-term. In fact, I thought things were falling into place nicely this fall for a move into the Big 12. But with expansion talks coming to a complete standstill with both the Big 12 and the Big East, perhaps someone somewhere at BYU feels differently. We’ll never know exactly, though, because BYU appears to feel that its fans don’t need to know what’s going on. The past two months have been nothing but a PR Fail for BYU.

I will say that it’s not a major disappointment for me concerning the broken off talks with the Big East. It’s just not as enticing as joining the Big 12. But it would be a conference that could give fans and the team excitement to play football in November — and I liked the idea of playing BSU in a conference and beginning a rivalry of sorts.

So it looks like we won’t have a BYU / Big East experience. And, because of BYU’s silence, we may never find out why.