It was in first grade over thirty years ago that Aaron Taylor drew a picture depicting a scene from a Nebraska vs. Oklahoma football game—and he was instantly hooked on the idea of mixing sports and cartooning. Shortly after turning in the art assignment, he declared to his classmates: “One day I will have a sports webcomic on the Internet. And people will be able to access it on their home computers and mobile phones. They might even ‘like’ it on Facebook!” Because this was 1979, no one had any idea what Aaron was talking about and tried their best to tolerate him at school.

As a student at Brigham Young University, Aaron was the staff editorial cartoonist at the school’s newspaper, The Daily Universe, where he had the opportunity to draw hundreds of cartoons (and also earn one visit to the Vice President’s office). While attending the university, he won the Locher Award from the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists as the outstanding college cartoonist in North America. Shortly after graduation, Aaron’s forgettable comic strip ‘Ph.D.’ was distributed nationally by Creators Syndicate. Thankfully, there is no evidence of it on the Internet.

Over the years, Aaron has been able to contribute his cartooning talents to such publications as the Deseret News, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Salt Lake Observer, and Utah Valley Magazine. He also completed a stint at the Daily Herald in Provo from 2005-07 as staff editorial cartoonist and designer, where he was featured in each of those year’s Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year publications. In 2006, he produced a book of some of his editorial cartoons, titled Elephants, Donkeys, and Cougars…Oh My!