Why a webcomic about sports — most specifically BYU?

Some of my favorite cartoons that I did as the staff editorial cartoonist at both The Daily Universe and Daily Herald were about BYU sports (along with some of the nutcases we call ‘politicians’). I enjoyed it so much that I thought it might be a fun idea to follow BYU sports through the eyes of a fictional group of fans. Thus, the cartoon Blood Runs Blue was born.

Why don’t you have a comment section on your blog?

I can’t say this won’t change in the future, but for right now I don’t have the time to police feuds between readers or make sure appropriate language is being used. If you feel compelled to let me know you like the comic or that I’m a know-nothing BYU homer (or any other reason, for that matter), feel free to email me. You can join the discussion at the Blood Runs Blue Facebook page and follow my twitter feed @BlueBloodArtist